Top Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

How can you avoid cyberbullying situations? Start with the following tips and then add your own. Brainstorm, try some research, and come up with your top tips. After you post a tip, please put your Warrior Pack name in parenthesis so we know who it came from.

1. Watch your words online. Before sending or posting, reread them to see if they can be misinterpreted (Cybersmart).
2. Use acronyms like JK ("just kidding") to make sure others understand your intent(Cybersmart).
3. If you get angry, take the time to cool down and consider how to react before you click the SEND button (Cybersmart).
4. Use your privacy settings. (No Name Necessary)
5. Don't respond. (No Name Necessary)
6.Never add someone you don't know (Snack Pack)
7. Tell the person, bullying a friend it is not right (Snack Pack)
8. Do not use face book (Thundercats)
9. Do not give out any information (Thundercats)
10. Do not open other clips on YouTube (Thundercats)