Cyber-bullying Laws and Rules

According to Iowa law, all school boards, public and those of accredited non-public schools, were to have an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy adopted on or before September 1, 2007. This Iowa law defines what bullying is and requires schools to have a specific policy that describes:
1) specific consequences for bullying behavior.
2) a specific procedure to report bullying behavior.
3) a specific procedure to investigate complaints.

Today, you are going on an internet scavenger hunt. Get out your laptops and search for the following information. Share your findings with your Pack leader and have him or her post to this wiki.

What is Prairie Valley's policy?
Falls under harassment policy. School can report to law enforcement officals. Students being harassed should write down what happens, and have proof of it.

What are some policies from surrounding schools?

alot of the same things as our school.

What kinds of laws to other states have in place to address bullying and cyber-bullying behavior?
Several states require employee training on bullying prevention.
states include Georigia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Oklahoma,Washington, West Virginia.